Thanks for your interest in hosting a house concert with Megan Barbera and CO! Here's a little information about how our house concerts usually work...


A house concert is a concert hosted in a house or an apartment or a community room, as opposed to being hosted by a regular public venue (like a bar or coffeehouse). Beyond that broad distinction, there are no hard fast rules for what makes for a house concert and what doesn't. But here are some specifics:

The host must provide a clean, inviting space for the musicians and guests to enjoy live music. The host provides and arranges chairs, pillows, good floor space for sitting for the guests, and two-three chairs or stools for Megan and one-two guest musicians.

We encourage you to add some vibe and atmosphere to the setting: white lights, lamps, rugs, throw pillows, tea light candles...anything that will add to the mood and experience.

For outdoor spaces, amplification might be necessary. In these instances, it’s important that we discuss this well ahead of time.


There's usually some sort of mingling period, for a half hour to an hour, wherein folks begin arriving and sipping their favorite beverage, munching on treats and socializing. One of the reasons we like to do these is that we get to meet a lot of people and share our music with new folks.

Whenever there seems to be a critical mass of folks in attendance, or whenever "start time" rolls around, the concert commences . . .


Everyone settles down in the living room on chairs and on couches, and on throw pillows, and however they can find a comfortable nook for themselves -- and then the music begins. The music is usually completely acoustic and unplugged and un-amplified.  Depending on the space, once you start getting bigger than about 50+ people, we need to start thinking about having a small PA system to help supplement the natural acoustics. Talk to us if you have any questions or anticipate a bigger crowd.

We usually play two 45-minute sets with a short break in the middle. We can do one full set, but a short intermission allows people to socialize and grab some refreshments without disturbing us or the audience.


Enthusiastic word of mouth is by far the most effective way to get folks to come to a house concert you are hosting. Share some CDs around among your friends -- talk it up big and urge folks to visit the website and check out some more tunes. We can provide some posters and fliers (paper & electronic versions), as well as some links to share (video clips, songs, etc...).

One important note -- in the promotional process, we ask that your guests understand that this will be a house concert -- and not just a house party that has some music going on in the background.


It's usually a good idea to have some sort of RSVP system in place -- to get some idea of how many folks to expect. Especially, if there's a second tier of people you'd like to invite. Some folks, more recently, have begun using Evites to keep track of their guest list. That seems to be a pretty good system. Facebook events are useful for this type of thing as well.  This way you have say over who you are inviting into your home. And how many people you're inviting in.


Hosts/Hostesses typically ask guests to pay a suggested donation of $20/each. We ask that you collect a “door charge” at the door. We do ask that we agree upon a minimum performance fee, which we will discuss over the phone once you've submitted your initial request above.  


It's a very intimate evening (or afternoon as the case may be), with everyone sitting around, while we play songs, share some stories and interact with our audience.  No big stage, no bright lights, no overpowering loud music.

It will be a unique and memorable experience for the audience and for us.  


If you have any further questions/concerns, please fill out the form above or send an email to   

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Please note minimum door donation is $20/guest.