"Much like fostering creativity, therapy can help you craft a more purposeful and gratifying life experience ..."




As you consider starting therapy, you may want to speak with me to ask certain questions specific to your needs and concerns.  I firmly believe in the power of a "good fit" between therapist and client, which is why I offer a 10-minute phone consultation free of charge.  Schedule your session by calling 845.233.1409 or sending a confidential email.  

Services Offered

Fostering Creativity

For the vast majority of people, finding and pursuing a creative outlet can have a strong therapeutic impact on psychological wellness and personal fulfillment.  Being a creative can also involve a complex relationship to one's life purpose that often benefits from collaborative exchange and process-targeted coaching.  

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Bluebird Sky

 I am excited to share with you the release of my new album, Bluebird Sky.  I'll be promoting this release with a series of house/backyard concerts.  Partial proceeds from these intimate shows will be donated to non-profits that operate in the field of promoting mental health for youth and adult creatives.  

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